Anslam Kaluarachchi

"He started his carrier under guidance and leadership of Mr. Dinal Phillips (President's Counsel). There after he served as an associate lawyer,junior counsel and legal advisor to M/s Paul Ratnayeke Associates, Mr. Shibly Aziz President's Counsel (Former Attorney General) and Sri Lanka Cricket (Premier Sports Organization) consecutively.

Prior to became an Attorney-at Law he was an accountant and commenced his practice at KPMG Ford Rhodes Thornton & Company in Colombo.

He has been very keen to further his knowledge in law and allied fields and has accomplished himself with qualification in those areas. Especially he has gained much experience in sports management. He served as legal advisor to "ICC World Cup 2011" the cricket champion ship competition, which was held in Colombo with the participation of all Test Cricket Playing Nations. He is Rotarian and embraced his humanity by engaging Rotary projects in District 3220."

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One of the major risks lies on bank on payment by mistake. It is necessary to consider the instance of payment by mistake by bank. In other words these are situations which bank pays a cheque without a valid mandate. First and foremost is the case where payment on forged instruments. It includes forged signature of the drawer or payee, signed in excess of an agent’s authority, and executed an unauthorized alteration of the instrument. Secondly banks do occasionally pay cheques despite countermand orders.
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To assume a leadership position in the Sri Lankan system of administration of justice as a professional and eminent legal counsel preferably in the private bar and to be recognized by society as a useful contributor to the administration of justice.

Practice Areas

Anslam Kaluarachchi focused in particular on legal counselling to companies and independent professionals of industry, commerce and services, namely those operating in the fields of energy, technology, telecommunications, transportations, logistics, constructions and real estate, health, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, banking, insurance, tourism, food industry and distribution.