About Mr. Anslam Kaluarachchi

International Legal Consultant

A Sri Lankan Attorney-at-Law in Colombo, possessing postgraduate qualifications from University of Wales (United Kingdom)- (LL.M Wales) & University of Colombo (Sri Lanka)-(LL.M Colombo) and graduate of Open University of (Sri Lanka)-(LL.B Sri Lanka). Mr. Anslam Kaluarachchi presently functions as a counsel and legal advisor for local and foreign clients with honesty, diligence, preciseness to protect the interests of his clients.


To assume a leadership position in the Sri Lankan system of administration of justice as a professional and eminent legal counsel preferably in the private bar and to be recognized by society as a useful contributor to the administration of justice.


As a counsel of the private bar and legal consultant of corporate sector, counts over 7 years professional experience associated with the Corporate & Commercial Law & International Trade Law, Intellectual Property Law, Finance, Banking & Taxation Law, Investment Law, Consumer Affairs Law, Cosmetics, Devices and Drugs Law, Information Technology Law, Aviation & Aero Space Law, Property Law, Customs Law, Sports Law, Company Secretarial Services & Drafting Commercial Agreements, Human Resources Law and Dispute Resolution & Arbitration.


Mr.Anslam Kaluarachchi respects the law and morality and he is devoted in his career for legal services and work with his clients for excellent results and protects their interest, which contributes effectively towards the implementation of reforms in the system of administration of justice and law enforcement in Sri Lanka, whereby the rule of law would be strengthened and the systems of justice and law enforcement would become more efficacious.


  • Effective Member of Rotary Club District 3220- Colombo South.
  • Life Member of Sri Lanka Bar Association.
  • Life Member of Colombo Law Society.
  • Life Member of Colombo Law Library.
  • Licentiate of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka.
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